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 At Transland we strive to provide quality products for the needs of our customers. Transland Equipment is designed with attention to ease of function and maintenance all with high quality materials. We love the results, but don’t take our word for it. Read and hear what operators have to say about Transland Products.

7.5″ Hydraulic Gate Box

Mike Hall from East Prairie, MO is very enthusiastic about the Hydraulic 7 1/2″ Gate.

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“I have run the 7 1/2 inch gate for a year now and have had great results out of it and is easy to operate and maintain. It will do anything that Transland’s flagship 5 inch gate as well as the high volume 10 inch gate will do with amazing accuracy. I have put out 10 pound to the acre of grass seed with it without having to use a metering plate as we as 500 pound to the acre of fertilizer in one pass. I have run it side by side with my other plane with the 10 inch gate and have seen better results in the field. It’s speed of operation is fantastic. You can open and close the gate while jumping a fence row or a ditch where I couldn’t do that with my 10 inch gate. And the Dyna Nav controller allows you to adjust your output by such small amounts you can literally vary the acres by load by a half an acre if you want to. You have the capability of using the controller either by fractions of an inch, by rate inputs from the GPS or manually from a dial pot on the controller if your GPS goes out. This controller is the easiest one that I have used. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone that want’s simplicity as well as being able to do a rate of 10 pound to 500 pound to the acre while setting in the seat of plane.”


7.5″ Hydraulic Gate Box

Scott Rainey from Obion, TN, Feels that the 7.5″ is “the gate of the future”

7.5″ Manual Gate Box

Chris Pulliam with Miles Flying Service.