Transland’s History

During the past 70 applicating seasons, Transland offered the ag aviation industry an ever-broadening line of new and improved aerial applicating equipment. Our products include booms, gate boxes, nozzles, aerial GPS and flow control systems, spray pumps, spreaders, Meterates, Swathmasters, and much more! Our ideas advanced and continue to advance the ag aviation and aerial firefighting industries by leveraging technological innovations and manufacturing improvements. As a result, our ag aviation products are the recognized standard used by more than half of worldwide agricultural aviation operators. As always, look for Transland to develop firefighting and ag aviation products.

Making History

As an update to our history, Transland’s engineers are shockingly good at watt they do. Our engineers exceeded the goal of improving the performance of the electric Wingman over the current Wingman. How much of an improvement? There is a 30% increase in auger speed and a 60% higher torque in the electric Wingman over the current Wingman design.



  • Designed for the operator to reload faster and safer
  • With a simple flip of a switch, operators can actuate the hopper door and start the auger all from inside the cockpit
  • The auger can go forward and reverse so you can push and pull the product in the hopper