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“Transland continues to provide outstanding customer service, quality products & innovation to the global aerial agricultural industry. We know that Transland will always place the needs of their customers first and that is why they are number 1 in their field.”

James O’Brien
Aircraft Sales Manager
Field Air Sales Pty Ltd
Phone: 03 53394222
Fax: 03 53392040
Moble: 0437394272

“Your assistance is very, very much appreciated. It is surely a pleasure to be working with a business that can support its products and where client service is such an excellent standard!”

Leentjie Brisley

Namibia Agricultural Distributors

“On behalf of Lane Aviation I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the staff members of Transland for their great quality of customer service and support. Due to their efforts and hard work they help us make our customers happy.”

Thank you,

Dona K. Jorden
Lane Aviation, Inc.
Parts Sales, Service & Support
P. O. Box 432 / 3205 FM 2218
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
Phone: 281.342.5451
Fax: 281.239.7715

“The staff at Transland is always extremely helpful in getting questions answered for our knowledge and the benefit of our customers. Their professionalism and quick response time makes my job easier!”

Carrie Capers
Parts Manager
Farm Air, Inc.
Astoria, IL

“I have been involved with Transland for almost 20 years, during that time I have seen a lot of change in perception, attitude, knowledge, warranty etc. It was always ran as a first rate company working to develop new ideas and go that next step in agricultural spraying or firefighting equipment. Since James Frank has bought the company and Roberto Rodriguez has been running it, it has continued to improve and provide excellent support for their spray equipment around the world. Always ready to listen to a new idea for development or to take care of a warranty issue in a timely manner. As a dealer I am proud to represent this product that has been so influential in the Ag Market over the years and for many years to come.”

Dennis Davis
Mid-Continent Aircraft