Excellent for Low-Poundage Granular and Seed-Based Applications

The Transland Meterate™  is designed with a paddle wheel-type rotary drum that extends the width of the gate box and is driven by an electric motor. Additionally, the unit has a manually operated small gate that starts the electric motor when opened. The control unit inside the cockpit allows for entering two rates and quickly switching between the two or making slight adjustments to match the aircraft’s speed when needed.  The Meterate™ dispensing system will dispense rates from 1lb up to 23lbs per acre of granular-based product and up to 14lbs of cover crop material seed-based product. Complete low-poundage precision work with ease.

 Operate inside


Combining Satloc Technology with Transland Quality-

The newly released Meterate™ Comport Kit allows easy connection to Satloc G4 and Falcon Pro systems. The G4 or Falcon Pro connection operates seamlessly with the Transland Meterate™. Run constant rate application through Satloc G4 or Falcon Pro. Input settings for speed and RMPs for the product, and the G4 or Falcon Pro will operate the Meterate™ to your specifications.


Installation of the Meterate™ requires about 4-8hours to modify the existing gate box to the rotary drum mechanism and its motor. This time also accounts for installing the cockpit control box and wire harness. After initial install regular operation switching between the Meterate™ arrangement back to standard can take as little as 45 minutes.

Once the Meterate™ is installed, calculations for flow rate and a static test on the ground will need to be performed to calibrate the speed of the rotary drum to achieve the desired flowrates.

Dial-Up Precision with the Meterate™ Calculator

Use this online calculator to help determine the estimated RPM’s for your desired application. Enter the required data and click calculate and get results. Giving a great starting point to input into Meterate™ or Satloc G4

Information needed to use calculator

  • Application Speed
  • Effective Swath Width
  • Desired Application Rate
  • Product Density