Dial Up Precision with the Meterate™ Calculator

Use Transland’s Meterate™ calculator to determine the required RPM for a product application.

Below is the information needed to input into the Meterate™ calculator to determine the estimated RPM for your desired application:

  • Application Speed (mph)
  • Effective Swath Width (ft)
  • Desired Application Rate (lb/ac) 
  • Product Density (lb/in³) To find product density, see the product label or use a manual density scale.

If working in Meters for swath and Kilograms per hectare, conversions to Feet and Pounds per acre will need to be done before using the calculator tools.

WARNING: All calculations are based on the information you provide. Always verify your application rate before entering the field, as variables within your system can cause differences between calculated rates and actual output rates. Various dry products may have a higher or lower density, and adjustments must be made to account for the difference.

By using Transland’s Meterate calculator, I understand the supplied warning above and agree that by using this calculator I am doing so at my own risk, and as such, I agree to hold Texas Transland, LLC harmless for any and all damages.

38" Meterate Application Calculator

41" Meterate Application Calculator