Aerial Applications Around the Globe

Aerial application, also known as crop dusting, addresses some of the most pressing global agricultural and environmental challenges. We’ve put together some of these examples to underscore aerial application’s vital role in promoting global agricultural productivity, environmental conservation, and food security.



Aerial application of herbicides is widely used in Brazil to manage large soybean farms, allowing for timely and efficient weed control over vast areas.


Aerial seeding is used in remote or rugged areas where traditional planting methods are not feasible. Aircraft can cover large areas quickly, dispersing seeds over designated reforestation sites.

East Africa

Aerial spraying was a critical component of the control strategy of locust swarms. Aircraft were used to spray pesticides over vast areas of affected land, targeting the swarms efficiently and effectively to minimize crop damage.

United States

Aerial application of fungicides has been used as a key method for controlling the spread of rice blast fungus, especially in large rice-producing states like Arkansas and California.