The Wingman continues to be very popular with dry application operators.  This is one product that easily saves time and money, and it’s as easy as flipping a switch to do it!

Hydraulic actuation of the hopper door, as well as an in-hopper auger that works to evenly spread your load reduces your need for additional labor, gives you a safer operation, and ensures you are able to take a full load of application to the field.

Now, visitors to the Transland exhibit booth can see the Wingman in action!  A new fully functional display unit has been built and will make its debut at the NAAA in Long Beach, CA and at other select state or regional conferences around the country this winter.wingman-stand-c

The NAAA convention is December 5 – 8, 2016 in Long Beach CA.  Click here or on the picture below for full convention details.