wingman-logoThe Wingman product line has continued to be of great interest to many operators.  With models available for the Air Tractor 502 or the 602/802, customers have found that safety increases and costs decrease after installing a Wingman.  

Loading Rice Seed

The original Wing Man – Loading Rice Seed

From the early days of our industry and the need for additional help to stand on the wing and assist in loading the application material, the Wingman from Transland is a great step forward.


The hydraulically operated system releases the hopper door, uses an auger to evenly spread the load, and then closes and latches the hopper door when complete!


Wingman Auger Wingman Hopper Door

The Wingman Auger and Hopper Door latch systems.

Talk to your Transland dealer today about adding the Wingman to your operation.