Update:  Transland has custom booms available in stainless steel and now in aluminum as well.  Click here to order your custom booms.

Booms are a major component in the Aerial liquid Dispersal system. Depending on the use of product and Type of Boom used, Aluminum booms may last three to six years, while Stainless Steel booms have a life expectancy of five to ten years.  Regular maintenance practices can be a key factor in reaching the maximum years of service.  Poor maintenance practices can be damaging not only in quality of service but in the high costs to replace an item more frequently than necessary.AT spraying

Here are some good practices to keep and things to look for in the booms to keep them functioning at their best:

  • Flushing the system with clean water at the end of the day before storing the aircraft. This is already a solid practice with most and an excellent way to keep a close eye on if there are any issues with the boom.
  • Keep the flush pressure at the basic city water pressure is all that is necessary. Using pressures that are too high by connecting to an outside pump can create cracks or stress the material if used improperly. If your situation demands you use an external pump connection to flush the system, try to stay within a 40-50psi range to avoid any unwanted damage to a boom.
  • Center Boom maintenance just like the rest of the boom requires a good end of day flush but has an extra step. Inside the center boom there is a strainer built to catch any debris that may have gotten into the system and help prevent clogging the nozzles. When there is a build up from either product not fully flushed from the system or debris caught up in the strainer this can lead to pressure issues.  While in flight trying to disperse a load is the last place anyone wants to find out they have a clogged strainer. To avoid this issue it is recommended to remove the strainer and clean it daily. Adding this practice to the end of day cleanup and maintenance list adds more benefits to keeping a fully functioning system at its best by reducing any potential for clogs or debris in other parts of the system.
  • While cleaning the strainer check the gasket or O-rings used in the center boom for any damage or swelling that can occur due to different product uses. Keeping a small stock of items like O-Rings, Gaskets and strainers on hand is good time saver for any issues found.

Keeping on top of these minor items keeps the entire spray system from becoming damaged or worn beyond repair.  When caught early, issues can be dealt with quickly and keep the aircraft flying. Many Transland dealers offer repair services or can coordinate having items repaired at the Transland shop if necessary.  

The Transland team goal is to provide excellent customer service and support.  We are available for any questions or concerns you may have with your equipment and make every effort to deliver the highest quality dispersal equipment available!

This article written by Michelle Parrent, Product Specialist with CP Products.  You can reach her via phone at 940.687.3049 or via e-mail at MParrent@TranslandLLC.com