Registration is now open for the Texas Fly-In, returning to the Air Tractor plant in Olney, TX for 2016.  Mark your calendars for April 13 and 14, 2016, 2016 to fly-in to ONY and participate in the Operations S.A.F.E. pattern testing.

Their is no cost to operators for the luncheon or pattern testing. We do aSlide 2016 Fly-In 4sk that you register in advance so we can plan on the number of attendees. Additionally, due to the nature of some Air Tractor contracts, all visitors to the plant must be registered and advance registration will speed that process.

We are pleased to again have Dr. Dennis Gardisser, along with John G
arr of GarrCo administering the wet pattern testing for the Texas Fly-In. Operators can use the results of the pattern testing to work more effectively and mitigate drift.

Wet application pattern testing, along with lunch both days will be free to all operators, thanks to the organizers, Air Tractor, Transland and CP Products. But this event would not be possible without our industry partners Dow AgroSciences and Pratt Whitney Canada, Lane Aviation, EGE Biodiesel, Roy Neal Insurance, Prime Turbines, Garrco Products, Chem-Man Ag Software, Neal Aircraft and Insero Solutions. They have stepped up to participate and make this a free event for participating operators.

Click here to register for the Fly-In!