Transland has released a new series of tutorial videos for those who have purchased the 7 1/2″ Hydraulic gate, or may be considering purchasing this new gate. 

“The Transland controller, developed in conjunction with DynaNav, is a touchscreen computer which is a dramatic advancement from our old controller so we wanted to offer help to our users” commented company president Roberto Rodriguez, who spearheaded the development of the videos.

A screenshot of the videos available on the Transland website.

Screenshot of the videos available on the Transland website.

The initial series covers three setup and calibration processes as well as two operational modes of the 7 1/2″ Hydraulic Gate Box.  Initial reception has been terrific with Transland Dealers and operators reporting that the step-by-step videos have helped them understand the processes much better.  
Video training was developed so that operators are able to view the videos on their smartphone right from the cockpit making it easy to follow along with the instructions on the video and  enter the correct settings on the controller at the same time, or at a desktop, whichever is more convenient.
The videos are located here on our Resources page.