When Choosing a spray system, material type is very important.  Every job has its own special needs with its own chemistry.  When considering costs, some important factors to consider are wear and maintenance.

Alum Loader Valve

Alum Loader Valve ATransland pumps and valves made from aluminum will work fine for many jobs, yet they may be more costly in the long run when adding in the cost of maintenance or replacements

Alternative Stainless steel parts from Transland may cost a little more up front but will  last longer and save you time and money in the long run when well maintained.

Alum Loader Valve

This Aluminum Loader Valve was used in a cotton defoliation job for about 45 days. The porousness of the aluminum could not hold up against the abrasive acidic chemical used. The operator ended up replacing this aluminum valve with a stainless steel valve.

Transland has a complete line of Loader Valves to select from.