Transland continues to support the applicator industry.  We recently donated equipment to an Aviation school in Louisiana and to a Community College in Canada.

After some initial discussions with Flying Tiger Aviation at the 2014 NAAA convention, Transland’s Michelle Parrent sent boxes of equipment including pumps and valves, 8-vane high volume spreader and a couple dozen CP Nozzles and Tips.Flying Tiger Aviation

Lawrence Rolfs and Robert McCurdy told Transland that all of these products will be incorporated into their ground school syllabus.


In Brandon Manitoba, Canada, Warren Cowling is the Instructor in the Agricultural Equipment Technician program at Assiniboine Community College.  Cowling was in the process of setting up a new sprayer simulator to have students look at various sprayer nozzles, patterns, droplet sizes and drift risks.  CP Products was able to donate several nozzles and tips for their classes this fall.


Transland president Roberto Rodriguez  enthusiastically supported these educational donations  saying “Transland has always invested in the growth and education of people in our industry.  We are pleased to be able to support these projects for the next generation of aerial applicators.”

If you have an industry education program that could benefit from a relationship with Transland, please contact our  Marketing Department to discuss the possibilities.