In an effort to communicate more information with our worldwide customer base, Transland will once again be transmitting a quarterly newsletter beginning in 2015.

Transland continues to grow through acquisitions (Wingman and CP Products in last few years) and new product development and keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest product news and industry developments has always been important to Transland.  General Manager Roberto Rodriguez said “Transland has always been there to talk directly to our customers and help them in any way we can.  We see our e-newsletter as one more way we can talk to many of our customers regularly throughout the year.”

The Transland newsletter will keep customers updated on new products, maintenance tips, industry events and more.  Using an electronic platform, Transland hopes to incorporate video into the process for better communication to our customers.

Transland is making efforts to not spam our customers, or for the newsletter to be caught in a spam filter.  To be sure you are set to receive the Transland Newsletter, click here and register your e-mail address.  Once you have signed up, you will receive a verification e-mail as well.  Click the confirmation button and you are set!  The Transland Newsletter is targeting the first publication by the end of March, 2015.