CP Aerial Nozzles

CP Products division of Transland manufactures a variety of Aerial Nozzles to best fit any Aerial Application need.  CP aerial nozzles are easy to use and easy to maintain. The multiple orifice options on all CP nozzles keep applicators working with minimum time spent changing nozzles.

Nozzle Selection Tools

Utilize the following tools to determine which tips or orifices will best suit application goals.

A set of variables must be known in order to make a selection;

  • Airspeed
  • Swath
  • GPA (Gallons Per Acre)
  • Amount of Nozzles in use

If working in Meters for swath and Liters per Hectare, conversions to Feet and Gallons per Acre will need to be done before using online tools.

Custom Booms & Center Booms

Transland custom booms & center booms are available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Download and print the custom boom form and submit to your dealer to manufacture a Custom Boom or Center Boom.

Narrow down the nozzle options with the use of the CP Quick Calibration tool. This will filter all known settings and show a suggested Orifice/Tip size with an estimated pressure for use. All pressure settings that fall between 30-60psi will be shown.

Click image for Quick Calc

Once an Orifice/Tip size is determined enter the information into the USDA-ARS Atomization models to view droplet spectrum data. Models are available in Low Speed (115mph Below) and High Speed (120mph above).

Click image for link to USDA models

Droplet spectrum, or spray quality, is an important part of aerial application. Droplets that are too small may not reach the target and could drift. Droplets that are too large may not give adequate coverage. The USDA models are an excellent starting point for applicators to choose nozzles. All CP nozzles are tested at the USDA facility to gather this useful information and data collected is put into the models.

If you would like assistance with suggested settings click here to complete the Aerial Set up form.

Boom configuration, orifice/deflector condition and many other factors may impact actual spray quality. Operation S.A.F.E. clinics offer applicators the opportunity to verify deposition and  settings. To locate an Operation S.A.F.E. clinic near you click here.