Transland and CP Products are pleased to announce that two of the most respected companies in the industry are teaming together to become an even stronger presence in the aerial application market. Effective September 1, 2013 CP Products will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transland.
James Frank, Owner of Transland, said, “CP Products has been a successful and innovative part of the aerial and ground application industry for the past 22 years. It is our intent and responsibility to build on the product development heritage that they have left for us. The CP nozzles are a critical product line that we are excited to be able to offer our customers. We are fortunate that Carolyn felt that we were a great fit to continue the legacy that she, her father and Chris have established in the industry. It is not just the great products that have set CP Products apart, but its people. We are truly excited about adding these talented people to our team.”
According to Carolyn Baecker, “When the decision was made to seek a buyer for CP Products Company, the primary concern was finding an industry-respected firm which would continue producing innovative products for both aerial and ground spraying. Transland is the perfect fit. Transland’s familiarity with and commitment to the aerial application industry is just as strong as CP’s has been. The CP brand is in good hands.”
Transland General Manager Roberto Rodriguez said, “We are constantly looking for different ways to improve and diversify our product line. The acquisition of CP Products will strengthen our position as the leader in the manufacture of dispersal systems and allow us to provide another aspect of dispersal equipment to our customers.”
Anthonie York, who will be temporarily locating to Tempe, Arizona to assist in the transition of CP Products put it this way: “In an effort to focus on serving our customers and our industry to the best of our ability, it makes perfect sense to have Transland and CP Products team up. From my time at Fly-Ins, Conventions, NAAA board meetings and becoming a SAFE analyst, my path has crossed Carolyn’s many times. That is because we have the same focus and goal, and that is to better serve the customer and industry. Carolyn and her team have done a great job over the past 22 years. We are excited, humbled and grateful to serve and look forward to the opportunity before us.”
It is our intention to continue to use the exact same distributor base that has helped each company serve the industry and be successful. Our goal is to add value to the industry in general and our distributors in particular. Likewise, we will always gravitate to the distributors that work to add value to us and to the industry.

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