For Immediate Release

June 25, 2015

Transland today announced several changes in their leadership team.  Company CEO James Frank has elevated long-time general manager Roberto Rodriguez (pictured at right) to president.  He said the change in title reflects the additional responsibilities and leadership role that Rodriguez has taken on in the recent past.  “Roberto has led this company through many years of continued sales growth, he has helped our people improve as they have taken on various roles in the company, and he has successfully integrated new acquisitions, such as the Wingman and CP Products.  But moreover, Roberto continues to grow personally as a leader inside the company, in our community and throughout the industry”

Additionally, Rodriguez announced two changes to help maintain focus on important growth areas within the company:

  • Anthonie York, who returned to Transland last fall, has been promoted to Sales Manager. York, who originally joined the company in 2007 will be heading up all Transland equipment and CP Products sales.  He is also renewing his industry activity, serving on the board of directors for the NAAA.
  • Bob Payton, who originally joined the company in 2009, will lead Marketing and Organizational Development. Besides development of a combined Transland/CP website and overseeing marketing material, a primary focus for Payton will be coordinating all new product development efforts.

All changes take effect immediately.