Transland manufactures a variety of streamline and airfoil booms made from 316 stainless steel tubing eliminating the possibility of corrosion. We have a wide variety of Booms and Center Booms for Air Tractor, Ayres/Thrush, Ag-Cat, Dromader, Piper and Weatherly.

Our line of Streamline booms are becoming the preferred choice for operators. We have a variety of streamline booms set with factory spacing to fit any Air Tractor or Thrush aircraft.

Center Booms

Transland offers many Center Boom options to match any of our standard streamline booms.  Nozzle spacing varies per aircraft but can also be made to the operator specifications.

Custom Booms

Transland fabricates custom booms in Aluminum and Stainless Steel, along with center sections and booms for helicopters.

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