Roberto Rodriguez, General Manager


Transland general manager Roberto Rodriguez

If you ever felt like your dealings with Transland were like working with one big family, that feeling is not by accident.  Roberto Rodriguez manages the operation much like many families…with pride, strong value in the people, a steady work ethic and responsibility to others.  You can see that culture every day at Transland and in Roberto’s family as well. Roberto grew up in Mexico, learning much from his parents and dreaming of being a doctor.  He started at Transland as a temporary janitor in 1985 and his determined work ethic kept him moving up in the organization while it was located in California and owned by Conrad Barlow.  When James Frank purchased the company in 2007, Roberto was named General Manager and moved his family to Texas.  While Roberto is proud of the progress the company has made since coming to Texas, his priorities are well-centered with huge pride for his family…his wife of 26 years, and his three kids…a son that is a culinary school-trained chef, a daughter in college, and the youngest son preparing to graduate from high school this year.  He still recalls his wedding day and when his children were born as the happiest days of his life.


Roberto Rodriguez, general manager of Transland, explains features of the Transland Meterate to attendees at the NAAA 2014 convention in Louisville, KY

As far as his Transland family, Roberto wants to always be fair and he desires responsibility…especially to customers.  He speaks often of taking care of pilots who are down with whatever they need as quickly as possible.  Additionally, he is proud of the new products that Transland is developing.  Work this past year has been focused on the new 7 ½ inch gate, and the continued integration of CP Products into Transland.  Roberto knows he and his co-workers are not right all the time, but he knows the mistakes he has made have helped him become who he is today, and he helps others in the organization continue to grow every day. That dream of being a doctor is still out there for Roberto, but he has no misgivings for what he has become and able to be a part of the growth of Transland.  The 60+ years that Transland has been in existence have been marked by many accolades from customers and the industry at large, but Roberto feels our best years are yet to come! 

Update:  4/4/16 – Rodriguez honored for community contributions.  See story here.