CP-03-05 Poly Aerial Nozzle 5 Orifice with 3-Way Deflection

Poly Selector: 5 Orifices with No shut off. Orifice sizes- .062, .078, .093, .125, .172

Poly Deflector: 3-Way Deflector with 30°, 55° and 90° Deflections.

Poly Aerial Standard Body.

All parts are available for replacement.

CPA230 seal is used inside body. Replacement of seal is recommended annually.

CP-03-05 Assembly Print



CP-03-05 Poly aerial 5 orifice with 3-way deflection nozzle. This nozzle works well for air-speeds of 120 mph or less depending on application. Nozzle comes with 5 orifice selector plate to change flow rate and 3 way deflection anvil. This nozzle can produce a range of droplet spectrum’s.

CP-03-05 Assembly Print